So the new year is upon us, I like so many other fishing bloggers have been sat thinking about how our 2013 has gone.

My year was pretty good, it was the first year I started fishing again after a 15 year absence. It took me a little while to pick it up again. Here is a picture of me and my step daughter Emily “fiddling” with some of the tackle I’d not touched for years.

Emily And Andy

This was back in early May 2013 just before the season started, I applied for my rod licence and bought my Stanton fishing club membership shortly after.

I initially bought a load of used tackle from eBay and a FaceBook group to get me started, I discussed this here – New Gear, New Start!

One of the reasons to start fishing again was to introduce my kids to the sport, Thomas was always asking me to take him fishing, Emily seemed interested as it was “something new” (and Tom was doing it). I thought great!! I have two young kids interested, I will get to fish loads.

Thomas & Emily’s first fish… Ever!

I took Tom & Em fishing on the 18th May to our local canal, the Erewash. When I was a kid it used to be pretty good, the stretch near our house was managed by Middleton Angling Club, sadly no longer in existence. I thought this would be a great place to start them off in the hobby.

It was a nice warm day and there were a few fish biting, we fished down by Stanton Iron Works, a little spot called “Stanton Hot Waters”, always a great spot as the water is warmed by the industrial units close by.

We had a few decent fish out, I caught a nice Chub (amongst others), Emily had a little trout which was really rare for her first ever fish and Tom had a small roach for his first fish.

First Fish

Commercial Fisheries

The canal was alright, but I wanted to catch a lot of fish. I had been reading about “commericals” something which didn’t exist when I were a kid. These seemed perfect for taking kids wishing to get into fishing as you are pretty much guaranteed to catch.

Aldercar Lane Fishery is where we went in June, me and Tom had a great time. I started to use the “method feeder” this year too, these weren’t around 15 years ago either so they were new to me as well. What can I say… they worked a treat!

We always take the camera when we go fishing, in this instance Tom was the camera man, it took him a little while to get the shot. But he got it in the end.

Common Carp

Nice Common Carp from Aldercar Lane Fishery – June 22nd 2013

Tom had a good day, he caught a few nice carp, this was his first real decent fish, again we could only dream of these when I was a child.

Thomas Morley Fishing

Tom and his nice carp from Aldercar Lane

Lure Fishing In July

I have never really tried lure fishing before, but I thought I would give it a go in July. Once again I took Tom down to the local Erewash Canal with a few spinners and an old Spinning Rod my Grandad bought from QVC…

We had a fun day, didnt really catch many fish, had a few small perch but nothing huge. We did however catch a shoe.

Shoe Fish

The rare Shoe Fish from the Erewash Canal

Pike Fishing

2013 was the first year I tried Pike Fishing, I absolutely loved it! It is probably now one of my favorite types of fishing. Like most first timers I was quite nervous about un-hooking the Pike, those teeth can do some damage. I went to fish two small ponds behind Manor Floods in Ilkeston, “Manor” is part of the Area 5 Coal Board ticket… I don’t have a book for them but their bailiff didn’t turn up either. I had a few small Jack’s and then one which was slightly larger, to large for my net.


Bigger net needed

River Fishing

2013 was also the first time I have ever fished a River, I simply couldn’t get to these places as a kid so had to stick to the canal back then. I went to the River Trent at Beeston a few times, initially trying to catch a Barbel, I didn’t quite manage that this year. I was in total awe of the power the River Trent has at Beeston Wier, totally different to the type of fishing i’m used to.

Beeston Weir

Beeston Weir – River Trent

Stanton Fishing Club

I joined Stanton FC early this year but have become increasingly involved with the club. I set up their website for them in October and also set up and currently manage their FaceBook group with another member.

Visit their site here –

All in all I had a pretty good year, introducing the kids to fishing, Tom really likes it now, but his concentration isn’t the best. I discovered commercial fisheries and the power of the method feeder. I found a new love for Pike fishing and finally I fished a River for the first time.

I hope 2014 will be a good year, my main aim is to catch a double figure fish. I am dead baiting for Pike this afternoon so hopefully I will tick this one off early in 2014. I also want to catch a Barbel from a River this year.