Once again I have caught something rather unusual whilst out lure fishing. I was bored this morning whilst Nikki had gone for a walk with Jack (our new baby boy) in his pram, so I decided to have a walk down to the Erewash canal (it is at the bottom of my street). I grabbed my spinning rod from the boot of my car and off I went.

I had a wander to Greens Lock, knowing that there are some nice pike that hang around in that stretch of the canal, having caught a couple in the summer time.

Digging out my lures from the depths of my holdall I opted for a medium sized maver spinner, cast it out under the canal bridge, only for it to snag up straight away!!! I gradually worked the snag loose and to my surprise when I reeled in I was dragging what on first glance looked like an old rag out of the depths and silt. When I “landed” my catch I found that it was a pair of shorts! Fully intact, small boys shorts, very similar to Tom’s PE shorts…


They say that catching on your first cast is very unlucky and often is a sign of a bad days fishing to come, well this couldn’t have been more true, I didn’t catch anything at all today. I was only down there for an hour or so though.