I’ve been itching to get out fishing, and been wanting to take Tom again for a long time. This morning was absolutely aweful, heavy rain and thunderstorms I seriously didn’t think we could have got out today. By 10:30am the rain had slowed up, so I went over to our local tackle shop and bought half a pint of red maggots. We were going to get out after dinner all being well.

The weather turned bad again at mid-day but we needed to use these maggots! Me and Tom headed off to Potters Lock on the Erewash Canal, near to where we live. I was going to let Tom do most of the fishing, we quickly rigged up his “whip” rod, fed the swim and cast his line.

Toms Biggest Perch, so far…

Within two minutes he had hooked a fish, it was a fairly decent sized perch, and if I’m honest, I can’t remember ever catching a bigger one, it could well have been the biggest perch I/we’ve had (Tom caught it). It was certainly To ‘s PB perch, not that he cared how big it was, he was just excited to be fighting a fish on his new “whip”. Not only has Tom had a bigger Pike than me, he has also now had a bigger Perch…

Here is the big perch, the photo isn’t the best, it was a very dark fish too, the markings were barely visible, the lighting in the photo was fairly bad too.

Big Perch

More Perch…

Following the big perch, we kept feeding the swim, and soon enough Tom had hooked another. This perch was still a nice size, and very enjoyable on light tackle. Tom’s face lit up again as he played the fish! We managed to land this one, and another photo was taken. Tom made me laugh by standing with both hands aloft, cheering and whooping as if he had won the 100m in the Olymipcs.

Within 5 mins, he had hooked another Perch, again this was a nice size fish. We had been fishing for roughly 1 hour 30mins, Tom had. Caught a total of 6 nice perch and 2 small roach. It began raining again, so we headed home.

This had turned out to be one of the best sessions we’ve had, I remember last year on the same swim catching 12 perch within 2 hours, last year these fish weren’t anywhere near as big.

A great day! Good memories, quality father son time, and we had fun!

This is one reason I like fishing.

Tight lines.


Video Of Tom’s Fish

Photos from Today