Today me and Tom went to Aldercar Lane Fishery again, I wasn’t sure what to expect as the weather forecast was mainly rain. We got to the venue at 10am and to my surprise it was pretty full. There was another match on the “Railway” pond, which seems to be a regular Saturday event. Aldercar LaneWe bought our day tickets and pellets and drove round to “Acorn” and parked up. The wind was blowing really hard and the rain had started to come down, I wasn’t really expecting to catch much, but Thomas was still excited to go fishing!

We began by setting Thomas’ small rod up with a “Pellet Waggler” float attached, cast out and fed the swim repeatedly (as you should with this technique) but nothing was happening, Tom was getting bored.

We caught a few tiddlers and a couple of small Carp, but it was nothing like 2 weeks ago, I thought something new was needed.

Method Feeder Time

Method Feeder

I have never used a method feeder before, and haven’t used even a cage or a block end feed for many years. I had seen the method feeder on youtube and various TV shows and always fancied trying it. Today was that day!! The fish weren’t really biting higher up in the water (due to the wind I think) so I wanted to get my hook bait down to the bottom of the pond.

The first few casts were awful, spraying ground bait all over the swim (even on the bank the other side). I soon got the hang of it, and within 10 minutes the quiver tip on my feeder rod was whipping round at an almost 90 degree angle, I have hooked a fish. A lovely mirror carp, so we decided to take a photo, I was to hold the fish and Tom to take the photo… here is how it went.

Fishy Photography

Thomas likes to take photos of nearly every fish we catch, it was my turn to hold the fish this time and for Thomas to take my photo with my iPhone… I soon realised he can’t use a camera! see the video below…

Fishing Photo Fail…

Got the shot in the end

Ilkeston Fishing - Mirror Carp

We had a good day in the end, with a few nice fish caught on the Method Feeder, and a few more on Pellet Waggler, however it wasn’t an easy day, what with the wind, rain, Tom being hungry every 5 minutes and being impatient nearly as often.

All in all another nice Father / Son day.

Here are a few more photos of what you can expect if you fish Aldercar Lane.

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How to find the fishery

Aldercar Lane Fishery, Langley Mill –