Coarse fishing is a style of fishing that focuses on freshwater fish. These are usually found in a lake or river environment and do not include Salmon and Trout. The word coarse is used to describe the taste that these species of fish have. Coarse fishing can be done in a number of styles. Those that want to carry out the sport in a casual manner may be happy to fish with no desire over the species, size or weight. However, there are those that are more competitive and seek challenges when they go fishing. In this article we will have a look some of the ways in which people enjoy coarse fishing, either on their own or with others. We will also take a look at some of the techniques that can be used to improve the skills needed in coarse fishing.

course fishing

The social aspects of coarse fishing

Coarse fishing can be just as good as a solo activity as it can in a group. Many individuals choose to fish in a relaxed fashion and do not wish to set goals they go fishing. Others however, choose to fish so as to reach new targets in terms of the size of the fish that they are able to catch, the speed at which they can catch the fish and the amount that they can catch in a selected period of time. Groups also get together and practice the act of collecting as many fish as possible. Some fisherman choose only to focus on specific species such as carp and pike.

How and where to course fish

There are several ways to fish and each method has its positive and negative aspects. The simplest way to carry out the activity is by using the free lining technique. This uses only the rod, line, reel and some bate to entice the fish. This however is also one of the hardest ways to fish and requires a lot of patience. Float fishing is slightly more advanced and uses a float device that can be connected to the line and will rest on the surface of the water. When a fish pulls at the line below, the float will move and will notify the person who is fishing. Levering is another method that introduces weights into the set-up of the rod. This is good for wider rivers that have more depth. The weights are placed at various points on the line and allow for bait to travel further into the lake or stream. The weights also can be used on the bait to pull it to the bottom of the river bed, which will potentially be more enticing to unsuspecting fish.

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History of coarse fishing

Up until the 19th century, coarse fishing techniques were practiced by the gentry. These were people who were considered to be wealthy and higher in status than the majority of those that lived in a specific area. Coarse fishing has since become popular to all forms of society and began to have a widespread presence after the 19th century in villages and countrysides that were distanced from the sea. A lot of people took to rivers and lakes in order to carry out the past time.