Well… what can I say, I have become a committee member for Stanton Fishing Club, a club I fished as a youngster. I feel very honored to have been nominated and appointed to the committee as the club holds some great memories of years gone by.

The most sentimental memory I have of the club is fishing it with a very good friend of mine called Stephen Perry, who sadly passed away as a result of a motor bike accident in 1999.

For this reason the club is special to me.

I have wanted to get more involved with the club since I started fishing again, I initially offered to help them with their “web presence” and got in touch with the club secretary Mick Burke about developing a website for the club, which can be found at www.stantonfishingclub.co.uk

I also set up a FaceBook page with another member called Ben, the FaceBook page has been a huge success and continues to grow each week.Stanton FC

For the work I’ve put in with the development of the website, Mick nominated me as a committee member, which I will always thank him for.

I am really looking forward to getting stuck in with developing the club alongside the committee. Hopefully making it one of the best clubs in the local area.

Onwards and Upwards.