Just a quick post tonight about my first session pole fishing, down Stanton FC’s Nutbrook Canal.

I never really fancied fishing the pole before, but having spoken to the match anglers at Stanton I began warming to the idea. I found a cheap pole in Dragon Carp and bought a few pole rigs. I was all set for my first session.

I was really surprised how difficult it is to handle a pole, especially if all you have done is used rod and reel before. Pole FishingThe pole I had was an 11m pole, not the longest by any means.

I quickly learnt how difficult it was to ship in and out, to handle the pole in a cross wind and by god!! How heavy the cheap ones are, my shoulders and biceps were aching for hours after.

I also found that with the little fish, I kept bouncing them off when I shipped the pole backwards, the pole tip bouncing all over the place combined with the elastic and barbless hooks seem to be the problem.

To Summarise.

Pole fishing is harder than I thought, the poles are very heavy, the technique of shipping in and out quickly and smoothly can be hard, I didn’t have any pole rollers which probably didn’t help.

Accuracy seems to be much better, placing the hook bait directly over the feed seemed to bring a lot more fish than I would have usually caught at the Nutbrook Canal.

Photos From This Session