Ok so I had the rods and the reels all ready to go, Thomas was looking forward to catching some fish! I was looking forward to sitting by the waters edge again, the first time in over 15 years.

As it was Thomas’ first time I wanted to take him somewhere close by, as we live in Ilkeston with the Erewash Canal at the bottom of our road I thought why not take him down there.

The stretch I took him to was part of the old “Middleton Angling Club” waters, between “Potters Lock” & “Greens Lock”, the same stretch I used to fish on a regular basis as a kid. Middleton fishing club no longer exists, and the stretch of canal they used to manage isn’t currently being looked after by any club (so basically there is no ticket to buy, which equals FREE FISHING).

I soon realised that the canal wasn’t like it used to be, the bank side seemed un-kept and really rundown, I didn’t hold out much hope of catching anything more than a cold!  Thomas didn’t seem to mind though and was really excited that he was actually going fishing! His first fishing trip ever, and things weren’t looking too promising.

We set up at the bottom of Sudbury Avenue, baited the swim with maggots and began fishing. We waited for over an hour for our first bite, which of course we missed! Thomas started to become really impatient “why haven’t we caught a fish Daddy?” seemed to be his favorite sentence.

Things didn’t speed up at all, so we decided to move down the canal a little to fish close to the bridge at Potters Lock, a great place for Roach and Chubb in my younger days, the fast flowing water from the weir used to be the perfect spot for pulling out some nice fish.

Again, we set our rod up, baited the swim and settled down to catch some fish, 10, 15, 30 minutes went by, constantly feeding and casting, Tom asking where the fish are and still… no fish!

At least it wasn’t raining.

We decided one more try further down, past Potters Lock towards Ashes playing field. To cut a long story short we had one more bite, but again didn’t land any fish.

Thomas still said he enjoyed the day… Least we didn’t catch a cold!