At the beginning of the year I decided I would try and set myself targets for the coming 2014/15 season. As a kid I never bothered to weigh the fish I caught, but they were never huge! I have only really started fishing seriously again in the last year so this time I am determined to do things properly.

The targets I have set myself shouldnt be too difficult, and for an outsider to look at them you would think they were piss easy!! But, I have very little time to go fishing at these days, life is busy!! Hopefully these targets are achievable.

Enough of the waffle.. here is my list:

  1. Catch a 10lbs Plus Carp.
  2. Catch a 10lbs Plus Pike – DONE
  3. Catch a 2lbs Plus Perch.
  4. Catch a 3lbs Plus Chub.
  5. Catch a 2lbs Plus Roach.
  6. Catch a Barbel (any size as I’ve never caught one).
  7. Catch a Pike On Dead Bait – DONE
  8. Fish The River Derwent – DONE
  9. Fish The River Erewash – DONE
  10. Try Drop Shotting – DONE
  11. Catch A Fish Drop Shotting – DONE (Today)
  12. Fish Woodall Lakes, its a natural beauty spot. (Blenhiem, Nottingham) –

Simple right…

I am going to give it a good go, I will update the list as I go, I will also try to write a post about each achievement.