As you will know if you have read any of my other recent posts I have just got back into fishing after a huge number of years out of the game (so to speak). I have been looking for a decent local club to join, I used to be part of “Middleton” years ago but have been told this club died off over 10 years ago. I also had a Stanton Fishing Club membership a few years ago so thought I would look into this a bit more.

The image above has been borrowed directly from the Stanton FC website and is not my own photo.

After having a walk down to Privates Pond and the Nutbrook Canal I found a few members of Stanton fishing. I stopped for a chat for with a few of them and I found them to be really friendly (mainly old boys), they were happy to have a chat about the waters and how to fish them, they all said how difficult Privates was to fish! I remember hardly ever catching anything when I went to Privates before.

I had a good conversation with one of the Stanton Members (I forget his name) who said that the club is always looking for new members and that they have recently had a change of “committee”, the new board of members have big plans for the club and aim at improving the waters and general surroundings. I really love the idea of bringing the old Stanton Fishing Club back from the brink of death!! I love the idea of having a local club to get involved with too!

So, I visited Walkers Of Trowel and bought my Stanton FC season ticket, only £16.00 for the whole year… Can’t complain at that.

I am now once again a fully fledged member of the Stanton Fishing Club. The same day I bought the license I took Tom down to the Nutbrook Canal for a couple of hours. We only caught one little perch but it felt good to be fishing the waters I did as a youngster.

Stanton have a website here… the page specifically set up for Stanton FC.