I have been thinking of ways to keep Tom interested whilst out fishing, he keeps saying he wants to go but his attention span is really short at the moment, I put it down to his age. This week I thought I should try Pike / Perch fishing with a spinner rod and reel in the local Erewash Canal which happens to be at the bottom of my street.

Spinning Tackle

Fishing Lures

Before I could take him spinning I had to dig out my old spinning gear, I had already got some 20lbs braided line which needed loading on the reel, not that I expected to catch big fish, but more to combat snagging the bottom of the canal. I was also advised to use a wire trace as there are pike in the Erewash Canal. I bought some 15lbs pike wire from Walkers of Trowell and tied my own wire leaders.

I had some spinners which I bought from Aldi of all places, a few old plugs and lures from a few years ago (which I had never used), I rigged two rods up on Friday evening ready to set off on Saturday 9am on the dot. I was looking forward to spinning for Perch and Pike I had done it years ago but never caught a fish.

Saturday Morning

So… Saturday morning arrived, I was really eager to get cracking Tom seemed more interested in playing football in the garden, typical.

I managed to persuade him to come fishing after telling him “we are going to try and catch some vampire fish” (Pike). This got him excited to go fishing, I knew we had very little chance of catching a pike but you never know, Tom might catch a vampire!

The Days First Catch

After getting down to the canal for just after 9:15 and casting out near Greens Lock we had managed to lose two plugs, because I didn’t tie the braided line to the swivel at the top of the wire leader very well. Lesson learnt, make sure your knots are secure!


We moved down the canal slightly and cast our lines near to the bridge down at Greens lock, after three or four casts we caught our first “fish”.

What we caught can only be described as a “rare shoe fish”, It looked like a gentleman size 10. I knew there was some junk in the Erewash Canal but what are the odds of pulling out a shoe, as if part of a cartoon! I actually laughed out loud when I realised what it was, Tom started laughing too.

Overgrown by Weed

The Erewash is very very overgrown these days, at least the stretch where we live. This stretch isn’t managed by any fishing club, it used to be part of the old Middleton Fishing Club which

ceased to exist over 10 years ago. The water is literally clogged to the surface with weed in places, making spinning very slow going and extremely difficult. Each cast required the spinner or plugs to be cleaned of weed.

Near Miss… Pike

Cast after cast and we couldnt catch a fish, we came close near Greens Lock. A long thin dark shape was chasing the lure as it was being reeled in, a Pike! A small pike was as close as we came to catching, it looked pretty good chasing the lure through the clear water of the canal. No sooner had it appeared than it had gone, never to be seen again, still there is proof that Pike live in the Erewash near our house.

PerchWe did manage to catch two small perch, but not on the Erewash, I decided to take Tom to Privates Pond, part of Stanton Fishing Club’s waters. I always see people lure fishing the pond and the Nutbrook Canal so thought that would be a good place.

Overall I was a little disappointed with our lack of success, but the Erewash Canal is pretty difficult to catch anything decent, coupled with the fact that I have never caught a fish using spinners and lures, or even spent any time longer than 15 – 20mins lure fishing before. I did enjoy myself and I think Tom did too…

I will give it another go, maybe Tuesday night.