It is not a denying fact that course fishing is popular among a huge number of folks in the UK. Many anglers love to catch course fish such as chub and bream. However, some anglers are experts in targeting these fishes than others. The primary reason for their success is they use top natural baits to target course fishes. Unfortunately, many anglers lack sufficient knowledge about various types of baits for catching chubs and beams. So, what are the best baits for course fishing?

Red worms

When it comes to finding natural baits for course fishing, red worms are an obvious choice to enhance your fishing experience. These small worms are easily available during rainy season. However, you can cultivate a heap of red worms even in other seasons by making a compost heap of leaves, grass cutting animal manure and kitchen waste. When the compost gets rotten, you will get a heap of red worms.



Lobworms are one of the most effective baits for targeting course fishes. Moreover, they are very easy to obtain. On a steady rainy day, hunt for lobworms in close-cropped grass two hours after the dark. You will find many worms out of their holes; pick as many worms as you want. However, make sure none of them die as you pick them because a dead worm will result in quick deaths of rest of the worms you collect. In order to keep lobworms, use moist garden soil, and place vegetable wastes on the soil to feed the worms.


Slugs are highly recommended baits for catching chubs. You can find them in the damp area of bank-side vegetation, especially around the roots of burdocks and rushes. The only issue with slugs is they are not easy to obtain. Moreover, keeping them fresh for a long time is a challenging task. Hence, it is advisable to collect slugs a couple of hours before you go for fishing. Similarly, make sure to cover slugs with damp green stuff to keep them fresh for fishing.


Prawns are the best baits for catching course fishes; they can be readily found in any area. Moreover, you can buy them in adequate quantity without any hassle. Above all, storing them fresh for a long time is not a very big issue which is usually the case with other baits. Unluckily, the biggest problem is they are very expensive. You have to spend too much on prawns to target beams and chubs. Moreover, prawns are extremely fragile. However, if you can afford the price of prawns as baits, you can be rest assured that you will end your day with a good collection of course fishes.

In addition to this, there are many other types of baits such as cockles and shrimps for targeting course fishes. As a rule of thumb, have a good collection of each type of bait to ensure you do not run out of baits while angling chubs and beams. If you collect various types of natural baits, and angle properly, there is no reason why you won’t attain success in course fishing.