I have recently started fishing again and needed to buy a whole new set of fishing tackle. As I have no aspirations of being the next coarse fishing world champion I didn’t want to spend huge amounts of money on rods reels seat boxes etc… So I started looking on EBay! (I sold all my gear on eBay 10years ago).

I wanted to recreate to some degree the tackle I had years ago, so started looking for similar items on the internet.

new seat box

Secondhand Tackle

I couldn’t believe how cheap second hand fishing tackle is these days, I picked up a Shakespeare seat box for £10, I went to pick this up from Belper and the seller also gave me a set of Keepnets and a Landing net!

Also in the box was a small tackle box with a few hooks floats etc… and there was also a small bait box. Bonus!


Rods n Reels

I still had a few rods from years ago so these would have to do for now, they were in good nick so didn’t really need to replace them.

I had a 13ft Shakespeare Match Rod and a Shakespeare Sigma Graphite spinning reel in perfect condition. I also had an 11ft Shakespeare Fire Bird Feeder Rod and another smaller reel, these would be ok to start with.

FaceBook Fishing Group

I found a great group on FaceBook for used fishing tackle sold by people within the local area, I managed to pick up a few little bits from here. New tips for my Feeder Rod for example.