Welcome to the new Ilkeston Fishing website, my name is Andy Morley. Fishing was a huge hobby of mine as a kid where my dad started taking me from the age of 10ish I think. I used to go every weekend, mainly fishing the local Erewash Canal with my good mate Matt.

I have recently taken up fishing again, I have a family of my own now and my son Thomas has always wanted to go. Tom is 7 now so I thought he was about the right age to start (maybe a little young still).

Andy Morley Ilkeston FishingI started looking for “Ilkeston Fishing” in Google to find useful information about the local fishing scene, there was hardly anything online and no site to fit the bill.

The reason I have set the site up is simple really, I wanted to record my progress and what I learn from each trip, I want to create a site which both me and Tom can look at when we are older and smile!

I also wanted to create useful pages about local fisheries, venues, tackle shops etc… So watch this space.

I run my own Internet marketing agency in Ilkeston which has given me the knowledge and opportunity to create the site.

Ok, thanks for reading my first update.