Happy New Year! 2015 is here and I have been out fishing on the first day of the new year. Unlike this time last year I caught a fish I’m glad to say.

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I was planning a trip further a field but as luck would have it the car packed up again!

I had originally planned on a centre pinning trip on the Derwent targeting the Grayling again. I didn’t manage to get any bait so I had a change of plan and was forced into another lure session on the Erewash Canal at the bottom of our street.

I had purchased a new lure rod and multiplier reel and was itching to try it out!

Within 20mins on the canal I had hooked into a cracking January Pike. I cast the lure out and it landed on an ice sheet, as soon as I started reeling in past the bow of a moored up narrow boat BANG! I felt a hit on the lure, I continued reeling in and saw a decent sized pike barrel rolling as it tried to hit the lure again under the surface of the ice cold canal. I slowed my retrieve slightly and sure enough finally got a hook hold in the scissors of the pike.

Lucky for me there was a young couple walking by with a child in a push chair, they were happy to take a few photos for me (they also didn’t realise fish grew this big in the local canal, although it’s not a huge pike).

I weighed the fish, 9lb 8oz according to my scales, but as you will see in the video below I wasn’t convinced that the scales were accurate. This was confirmed once I had uploaded the photos to FaceBook in the evening.

This would have been my PB… But as of yet I’m not going to claim it until I have better scales.

Video of the trip: