In my day job I am the MD of a web design agency based in Ilkeston, I have worked in the web industry for over 15 years building and marketing websites. I am also a member of Stanton Fishing Club who currently don’t have a website. Who better to help the club develop their own web presence then me?

One of the main problems I found after joining Stanton Fc was that there was no way of getting regular updates and feedback from our committee members. What are the plans for the club? How does the membership fee get spent? And the most popular question I hear from other members is “when are the committee going to restock the clubs waters?” These are just a few examples of pieces of information which is currently very difficult to find if you are a member (the club does have regular committee meetings where all members are invited to attend, they will find out the answers here).

The Website

There are loads of angling clubs around the UK, some of them have fantastic websites, is a good example. I will be taking what Vauxhall have done with their page and developing a similar website for Stanton, using our new logo and giving it a different look. Essentially the information found on the Vauxhall site is what we are going to include on the Stanton FC website.

The website will have pages discussing the history of the club as well, the club has been around since 1881, a very long time!

There will be a section for the club’s match anglers, match fixtures, results, match rules, and league tables. I will also ask the committee about regular match reports.

There will be a “club” section giving information about the club, the club rules, listings and contact details of our committee members and also a calendar of up and coming club events including the committee meetings.

We will have an image gallery on the website where our members can submit photos, this will give potential members a good idea of the fish available to catch in the Stanton FC waters.

There will also be a blog section where members are invited to share their fishing stories, tips and advice.

The news section of the website will be important for making other members aware of what is happening with the club, what the future plans are and how they can get involved.

I have already bought the domain name for the club,


And finally, FaceBook. No modern club should be without a FaceBook page, it has become the primary place for conversation and interaction on the Internet. There are a huge number of potential new members on FaceBook, and there is opportunity to portray the club as a fun and professional place to fish. Photos and stories can be shared on the new Stanton FC FaceBook page, giving members the opportunity to voice their own opinion and interact with each other.

The inspiration for the FaceBook page came from another local fishing club the Area 5 Coal Board. They have an active FaceBook page full of their members, there doesn’t seem to be much interaction from their committee members though.

Fund Raising

There are other opportunities in the future for the website. Once it has matured and there are significant numbers of visitors visiting the site (the blog section mainly) we can discuss the advertising of local fishing tackle businesses, this would give the club a boost in funds and help push the club forward.