A slightly different post to the normal posts you would find on a fishing blog because this one is really only meant for a few people. So… what is “The Paul Bailey Challenge”. Paul Bailey is the father of one of my closest friends (for many years) Matt Bailey. Paul used to take me and Matt fishing when we were kids, usually down the Erewash Canal as it was really close to our houses. Matt and his dad would travel further a field, fishing the River Trent occasionally. Paul was mad on all types of fishing and would regularly go deep sea fishing, I guess this is where Matt’s love of fishing comes from.

The Paul Bailey Challenge

Ok so that was a brief background of who Paul was… The Paul Bailey Challenge is a personal “cup” between me and Matt in memory of his dad who sadly passed away in 2012. The cup is very similar to “The Ashes” in cricket in the respect that there are only ever two contenders, in this case myself and Matt.

Each time we go fishing together, the cup is up for grabs. We agree a challenge the morning before we start fishing, usually either the biggest fish caught or the heaviest total weight at the end of the session (this is difficult if we fish commercial fisheries as they don’t allow keep nets).

The Paul Bailey Challenge 1 was held at Aldercar Lane Fishery on the 7th September. We had a pretty decent day’s fishing as is normally the case at Aldercar, we didn’t catch anything huge but we got quite a few carp out between us. We were trying to catch the biggest fish on that particular day, I only just beat Matt by a few ounces. The fish I caught was 4lb 12oz Common and Matt bagged a 4lb 2oz Mirror Carp.

And so until the next challenge… (Sat 21st September).

Andy Morley 1 – 0 Matt Bailey