After the last trip to the Erewash Canal two weeks previously I wasn’t entirely sure we would catch anything, however I had been reading on FaceBook that people were fishing at Stanton Hot Waters (A stretch of the Erewash Canal near Stanton Ironworks) and catching some nice Perch and Chubb.

Emily & AndyI decided to take Thomas here for our second trip, this time his step sister Emily came along too.  Like most fishing trips preparation is key, here is a photo of me and Emily preparing the hooks, weights and floats ready for the day’s fishing.

We were fishing for no longer than 10 minutes when Emily hooked her first ever fish, a small minnow caught on double red maggot, a classic for the Erewash Canal. Typical, I hadn’t caught a fish for 15 years and then Emily my 8 year old step daughter hooks one within 10mins of her first fishing trip.

Before we left the house I said to the kids “whoever catches the first fish will get £1 and whoever catches the biggest fish will get £1”. So here I was £1 worse off to an 8 year old girl…

Thomas caught a small roach soon after, slightly bigger than Emily’s fish.

Below are a few photos from that day.

Emily's Fish

Toms Fish

Tom & Chubb