I’ve not been fishing for over 9 months now… No, we’ve not had a baby in the Morley house hold! (not another one anyway). I have had a very busy year, with getting married and the business taking up a lot of time I’ve not found the drive to go fishing.

But now pike season is in full swing I am actually going on Monday 30th November. Actually looking forward to digging out the piking gear and giving the lure’s a chuck.

Wheres my mojo gone?In fact the image associated with this post is one of the last times I went.. new years day 2015! I better dig my gear out the shed!

I will be going with my new friend Mark Wheatley, Pastor at the Ark Church in Nottingham, for those of you who know me personally will find it a bit odd that im going fishing with a man of the cloth so to speak. Truth be told as i’ve gotten older and especially this year I have had time to reflect on a few things, religion was never a big part of my life but having met Mark and started reading the bible who knows what will happen… I am certainly keeping an open mind and open heart about it all.